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Hello! I'm glad you found your way here because you may be feeling as though you are living in complete confusion and really want to find some peace and clarity.

Narcissistic abuse IS trauma, and it can affect your mind and your body.

It can leave you feeling alone and lost, with no where to turn.   

If you are currently living in a verbally, financially, emotionally abusive relationship or you are looking to heal after being in one, coaching can provide practical tools to help you deal with, or break free from an abusive relationship.


If you are miserable and know you need to make a drastic change around how you live your life, but don't know where to get help, you are in the right place!​

If you are you feeling stuck in an abusive relationship because of your finances, you have no job, no money and perhaps bad credit, I promise you there is a way out.

Impart Clarity Coaching provides a variety of one on one and group coaching programs that can help with all of the above!  


What is Narcissistic Abuse?

Narcissistic abuse is plain and simple, trauma!

It happens slowly over time and often victims don't even realize what is happening to them. The abuser intentionally belittles, isolates, and demoralizes their victim, leaving behind a trail of confusion, anxiety and angst and the victim can start to question their own sanity.


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What is coaching and why is it different with Impart Clarity?

Coaching is a partnership between you (the client) and me (the coach!)


Coaching is a thought provoking and creative learning process of self-discovery that will help you gain perspective, boost your confidence, and live a happier more fulfilling life. It is NOT therapy.

As a Certified Narcissistic Trauma Informed Coach TM I will work with you so that YOU can heal your trauma caused by abuse.

What can you expect in our coaching sessions?

  • Complete confidentiality.

  • Validation for the abuse you have endured.

  • A safe place to gain perspective.

  • Understanding and empathy from someone who has been in your shoes.

  • Personal awareness, and understanding as to how you are able to turn your unknown weaknesses into strengths.

  • Support for improving communication and relationship building skills. 

  • A deep level of understanding around how narcissistic trauma has affected you and how to heal.

  • Worksheets, exercises, and practical tools to use every day.

  • Discussions and tools for co-dependency and boundary setting.

  • Help to establish and work towards your goals, with me holding you accountable.

  • Hope for a better future!

  • A renewed sense of purpose and hope!


Brendon Burchard


"Doubt increases with inaction. Clarity reveals itself in momentum. Growth comes from progress. For all these reasons, BEGIN."



Do you have questions about the best coaching sessions for you?

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