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Confusion to Clarity Strategy Session

Untangle your thoughts, decide, and take action.

If you have a difficult or important life change to make and don't know where to start, it's often helpful to get an outside perspective.


This ninety minute Confusion to Clarity Strategy Session will help you get "unstuck". By untangling your thoughts, you will gain clarity as to your next steps. You will confidently walk away with the tools and strategies to help you in making future decisions. 

Ninety minute session $199

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Confusion to Clarity Program

Confusion to Clarity is a 6 week exclusive, self-paced, online program designed especially for anyone who is feeling stuck, or overwhelmed in life.


This self-paced program is designed for anyone who is feeling anxious, confused, or stuck in the same cycle.

 These six carefully planned modules move you from confusion to clarity over six self-paced modules, utilizing video tutorials, worksheets a work book and guided meditations and visualizations through out the modules. 


Learn how to map what is going on in your nervous system, identify and release any stored trauma in your body to feel more calm and relaxed at the nervous system level, no matter why you have been feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

The program contains recorded guided meditations:

Loving Kindness Meditation

Root Grounding Guided Meditation

Connect With Your Inner Child Meditation

Future Self Guided Visualization

Work at your own pace through each module, and by the end of the six modules you will gain clarity and have a clear plan for how you choose to move forward.