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Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnosis is a safe, powerful, natural state of deep relaxation and focused attention which produces heightened awareness and opens the unconscious mind.  It allows the mind to gently access internal thought processes not always readily available to our conscious minds.


Under hypnosis, we can then apply new thought processes to changes we wish to accomplish. By allowing our conscious mind to align with our powerful unconscious minds we are able to generate permanent and lasting change.


Whether your goal is to replace unwanted behavior patterns with positive new behavior patterns or to conquer limiting beliefs, hypnosis helps our minds  learn to work for us in new and powerful ways. 

My hypnotherapy sessions combine the techniques of meditation, inner child work, and guided imagery to allow individuals to access their subconscious mind and replace unwanted thoughts or habits with new, positive, lasting thoughts and behaviors.

If you have a thought pattern or behavior that is affecting your life negatively and you would like to begin making a change, call me today and find out if hypnotherapy would be right for you.

Change can begin today!


New clients: 3 session minimum $249

Additional sessions $99 each


I help my clients overcome many different obstacles; these are my specialties:

Self Esteem


Emotional Eating

Healthy Habits

Exercise Motivation

Healing After Infidelity

Dealing with Divorce

Fears & Phobias



Compulsive Spending

Smoking Cessation

Imposter Syndrome

Inner Child




Having spent what feels like forever searching for that something to make me feel better, to believe all the great things everyone else found it so easy to say about me, it was through my own journey to becoming a coach that I had the immense good fortune to find myself training to be a hypnotherapist and in a small group of three to practice using a pendulum. Tanya's voice and calm approach allowed me to drift into a trance, relax and be open to me connecting with myself even though it took 6 attempts for my pendulum to answer yes, Tanya could have given up but she used her intuition to use just the right words and I felt a release right there. The following day I am increasingly at ease with myself, I am achieving, focused, and no longer feel that dragging sense of not being good enough.

I am me, I am enough!

Thank you Tanya for allow me the space to finally be me! 

~  Christianne H



Hypnotherapy teaches and requires the disciplined practice of self-compassion based on the healing and transformation of the subconscious mind.

As such, and because it requires committed participation by clients, results cannot be guaranteed. It does not replace qualified medical interventions and if in doubt, the advice of a qualified medical practioner should be sought.

When listening to recordings, you should not drive or operate machinery. this site and the associated practice are offered for relaxation, education and recreational purposes only. 

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