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Root Cause Mindset Makeover Coaching
For Female Entrepreneurs

You're a successful business owner and you know how to do "all the things."

You manage people well, wear multiple hats, and you're really good at getting shit done!

Yet … you feel a disconnect somewhere inside.

You may not even realize the effects that unresolved trauma and emotional baggage have on not only your mindset, relationships, and parenting, but the huge impact it is having on the amount of success you can attain in your business!


You may already know exactly what it is that is bothering you and when it happened. Or you may have no idea what could be causing you to procrastinate, feel like an imposter, not feel good enough, or have you just feeling plain "stuck."

You know you should increase your prices, but you're scared it will drive away business. Your nervous system is telling you that it isn't safe!

Recognizing these money blocks or that you aren't fully showing up for yourself or your clients is the first step in reclaiming who you are and what you want. Working toward healing trauma that prevents you from the successful thriving business you know you're capable of having is the key to your success!

I help female entrepreneurs make the connection between unresolved trauma, emotional baggage, and patterns that continue to play out in their lives, including making money and visibility decisions from a place of invisible inner wounds.

As a Certified Trauma-Informed Somatic Coach, I will work with you to release the trauma that is stuck in your body and mind, so you can run your business with full unapologetic confidence and ease!

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Pinpoint What is Causing the Most Stubborn Professional Blocks!

We will work together to uncover the events and thought patterns you have experienced throughout your life that have made you who you are today. The good, the bad, and even the ugly. 

With ZERO judgment.

We will work on "nervous system rewiring" and learn mindset practices to help gently rewire and disperse long-held blocks and past patterns that have prevented your desired growth in your business.


We will uncover all the "parts of you" that show up in your life and seek to understand why they are there.


We will make friends with your "protector parts" who show up with good intention but unintentionally wreak havoc in the process, preventing you from the success you so deserve!

We will work on recalibrating your nervous system and your ability to self-regulate to gain lasting change.

Clients report feeling more grounded, more productive, and much more in control of their emotions and thoughts, as soon as their very first session!


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What To Expect

By working with, understanding, and appreciating your nervous system, you get to rewire your story around receiving success and wealth. This enables you to receive abundance and success without shame and guilt, without compromising your health, and without working harder, causing burnout!

You will:

  • Identify personal self-sabotaging areas that cause your business to stall or plateau.

  • Learn how to dial down stressors, fears, anxiety or self-doubt and build confidence, boldness, and visibility.

  • Learn how to use your emotions to make more intuitive and aligned decisions, trusting your gut. 

  • Learn how to manage thoughts and beliefs before they hinder your progress.

  • Become more level-headed and calmer with increased compassion and grace for your healing journey.

  • Release shame, feelings of inadequacy, or imposter syndrome, knowing that you are enough!

  • Receive a bespoke no-effort subconscious hypnotherapy recording to help you heal from trauma, reduce stress and anxiety, and to increase your fearlessness and confidence.

  • Receive three brainspotting sessions to reduce the hold past experiences have had over your business and personal life. 

  • Feel safe in your nervous system to increase and expand your earning capacity in your business.

  • Feel supported every step of the way knowing you are a What's App message away from support throughout the program!

I'm not wasting your time or mine by setting up a "discovery call/sales pitch" as I want to be transparent about my pricing. Although I am very happy to discuss this program further if you are seriously considering this for yourself.

Program cost $1997 in full

or 3 payments of $670 per month.


This investment is an investment not only in your business but in yourself and includes the following:

  • 6 one-on-one Coaching sessions

  • 3 Brainspotting sessions

  • 1 bespoke Hypnotherapy Session with recording

  • Direct access to me throughout the program

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