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Your Thought Life Creates Your Results

What if I told you that your thoughts are 100% responsible for the life you currently have. Would you believe me?

Would you dismiss me?

What if it's true?

Firstly, may I ask this; are you even aware of the thoughts you are thinking?

What goes on in your mind has been going on in the same way for as long as you have allowed it to! Perhaps you have never stopped to think about what it is you are thinking.

The thought patterns you currently think resulted in the life you currently have. If you're happy, it's because you created your happiness. If you're miserable its because you created that too!

That's hard to swallow isn't it?

What if you chose to change the thoughts you have about yourself and others, do you think that your circumstances in life would change? What would your life look like after some time of thinking differently? Would your life be different? I know for a fact that it would.

Here is a simple way to "see" what it is that you are thinking. Take a piece of paper and a pen and write down EVERY thought you have. Thoughts about money, your bank account, your lifestyle, your home, your partner, your friends, your family, your job, your career, peoples' perceptions of you, your perception of others, things you believe to be true about yourself and others. Write down everything that comes into your mind without filtering it. No judgement, no self-reasoning for the thoughts, just wrote them all down. Think of it as a "mind dump". This allows you to empty out all of your thoughts and clear your mind of all the things you are thinking about.

Here is the next step; read each thought out loud, and consciously decide if you want to continue thinking that thought or not. Ask yourself:

  • Is the thought serving you?

  • Is it getting you the results that you want in life?

  • Get curious as to why you thought the original thought. Ask yourself where it came from?

  • Is it your own personal thought intentionally chosen, or did the thought get imposed upon you by your family of origin?

If you resonate with the thought, simply allow it to go back into your brain.

If you don't like the way the thought feels, ask yourself what it is that you would prefer to be thinking. You can then choose a different thought, one that that you do believe in, and one that will produce the feelings and actions you wish to generate to have the life you want.

Changing your thought patterns will indeed change your life over time. Should you need help in working through your thinking patterns, and need help getting a different result in your life, please reach out to me for some individualized coaching.

I don't think I can help, I know it!

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