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Self Healing Scholars is a monthly membership program.

Your Healing; In Your Time


The Self Healing Scholars monthly membership is for women who are interested in elevating their personal development, healing from past traumas and up-levelling their lives.

Topics cover self-help, self-love, self-care, healthy relationships, mindset, health, money, wellness, hypnotherapy recordings, meditations and more...

  • Class is held live on the 1st of the month in a Facebook Group.

    Different topics are selected each month. 

  • Guest Presenters teaching on topics such as mindset, health, money, wellness, parenting, self-love, co-dependency, relationships and so much more.

  • Private Facebook Group where you can collaborate and communicate with other Self Healing Scholars, post questions and have discussion about monthly content in real time.

  • Downloadable Work Sheets are available to  work on at your own pace, whenever you choose.

  • Bespoke Hypnosis | Meditation recordings provided with monthly lessons.

  • Month to Month Membership cancel anytime. 

  • Membership Perks:

    10% Discount on Retreat Events

    Early sign up for live events

    Quarterly meet & greet event


Do YOUR healing in YOUR time. 

February 2022

Ditch Your Inner Bitch 

May 2022

People Pleasing and How to Stop

March 2022

Declutter and Unclutter Your Life

June 2022

10 Ways to connect with Your Adult Children

April 2022

30 Days to Greater Self Love

July 2022

How to Reframe Self Critical Thoughts

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