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The Gift I Gave Myself in 2021 I'll Be Gifting to Others

In late 2020, I knew I wanted to pivot from the career coaching business I had started during the pandemic. I wasn't entirely sure what that was going to look like until I discovered the Narcissistic Trauma Informed Coaching certification being offered by the Post Traumatic Growth Academy in England.

In January of this year, I will never forget standing in front of my husband, Fred, trembling with tears in my eyes, asking him if it would be OK for me to invest over $8000 in becoming certified as a Narcissistic Trauma Informed Coach, and Hypnotherapist. He looked at me, smiled, didn't question the cost or the time investment, and he didn't hesitate to say "Sweetie, I know how important this is to you, so yes, do it!"

Every Monday night (with the exception of just a couple of Mondays we didn't have a class scheduled) I would get home from work, listen to the recording of the lesson and study for several hours. I listened to podcasts on my way to and from work. I spent long weekends reading and studying. I filled three binders full of notes and loaded my computer with worksheets. I read 12 books on narcissism, coaching, hypnotherapy, poly vagal theory and positive psychology, and I spent over 100 hours on the hypnotherapy training alone.

The process of training for these certifications provided me with so much more than a certificate in Coaching and Hypnotherapy! It also helped me to finally heal the residual pain and trauma caused from my previous marriage.

Even after leaving a verbally abusive or emotionally abusive relationship, it can take a long time to heal the wounds caused by narcissistic trauma and as I worked through this program, I did the work on myself! It REALLY works.

I now feel 100% ready to help women to get the tools they need to start their healing journey (and not take as long as I had to, trying to figure out what the hell had happened to me!)

I invested in myself. I wanted the 22 years of marriage ending in an ugly divorce to count for something! I did it. God works all things together for those who love him! Now, I want to share all I learned and discovered with any woman who is still suffering even after leaving her abusive relationship.

The gift I gave myself this year will have a beautiful ripple affect!

Will you give yourself the gift of finally healing from your past in 2022? Or perhaps you may be reading this email and not have a need for my services, and for that I am very happy for you! However, it is inevitable that you know someone who needs to heal after abuse. Please forward this email to them!

I will be kicking off the new year with an 8 week, group program, starting Monday, January 24th.

This Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse Recovery Program (N.E.A.R.) is designed to bring about healing from the affects of trauma caused by relationships with narcissistic and verbally/emotionally abusive partners.

  • Start the journey towards healing.

  • Uncover and recognize why there is so much confusion and chaos in your life.

  • Determine why and how the narcissistic trauma has affected you and your family.

  • Educate yourself about the nervous system and how root cause trauma has been keeping you stuck in unhealthy patterns.

  • Learn how to set appropriate boundaries, and how to stand up for yourself.

  • Reparent your inner child and rekindle connection, compassion, and love for yourself.

  • Discover positive psychology tools to create your best possible future self.

  • Get access to bespoke meditations and hypnotherapy recordings and learn how guided meditation and hypnotherapy can help you reprogram your thought life.

  • Discover your strengths and grow your self-confidence.

  • Learn how to create a well being blueprint and clearly define a lasting path to contentment.

  • Discover what you want in a future relationship and how to get it.

  • Rediscover your joy!

Trauma is the only thing holding you back from living your best life, having your dream career, and living a peaceful and fulfilling life. Let's start you on your path of healing your trauma!

You will have 24/7 access to the private Facebook Group "N.E.A.R." where you will have a safe and supportive community in which you can ask questions, and get real time support through your program and beyond.

You will be guided through a different topic each week and can choose to actively participate weekly or watch replays on your own time, either way you will be fully supported.

You will receive lifetime access to training materials for the cost of the program.

The cost for the program is $396 (paid in 2 monthly payments $198) or pay in full at the discounted rate of $350.

Next program will begin January 24, 2022 - Get on the Waitlist!

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