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Meet Tanya

Tanya Bashor is the heart and soul of Impart Clarity. Originally from Hereford, England, Tanya has called Pittsburgh, PA, home for over three decades.

Tanya's career has spanned various areas, including management, coaching, and people development in both financial services and workforce development.


However, her life's journey has ultimately led her to discover her true calling and mission: empowering women to emerge stronger after facing abuse.

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Her Story

Tanya's life has thrown her into some tough situations where she felt degraded, depressed, and overwhelmed due to trauma, bullying, and abusive circumstances. She understands the weight of making challenging decisions that affect careers, families, and friendships, having experienced two decades of narcissistic abuse.

During her personal journey, she recognized the importance of healing and rediscovering her sense of self. She explored various therapies and ultimately worked with a life coach to regain her purpose and find healing.

Fueled by her passion for personal development, Tanya dove into high-performance coaching and trauma recovery. She became an ICF & CPD accredited Trauma-Informed Somatic Coach, Narcissistic Abuse Specialist™, a hypnotherapist, and a level II brainspotting practitioner, all of which she now incorporates into her coaching sessions.

Tanya takes immense pride in providing her clients with support and guidance, encouraging them to emerge stronger with each step along the way.


Our Commitment

At Impart Clarity, we are committed to providing  compassionate and caring support to women who have faced the challenges of narcissistic, emotional and financial abuse.  We believe in your worth, your resilience, and your ability to heal. Our goal is to empower you to reconnect with your authentic self and establish healthy boundaries so that you can emerge stronger than ever.

Our Approach

Our approach is rooted in compassion, empathy, and respect for your unique experiences. We believe in a holistic approach to healing, addressing both the mind and body. Through somatic practices, mindfulness, and techniques like hypnotherapy and brainspotting, we guide you in exploring the physical sensations and emotions linked to trauma.


Our Mission

At Impart Clarity, our mission is to provide trauma-informed coaching that empowers you to release the emotional burdens of the past. We are dedicated to helping you gain valuable insights, nurturing resilience, and crafting a life filled with clarity, serenity, and happiness.


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