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Root Cause Mindset Makeover Coaching for Female Entrepreneurs

Are you a successful business owner who's great at handling tasks but feels a disconnect within? Unresolved trauma and emotional baggage may be impacting your mindset, relationships, and business success. If you're dealing with procrastination, imposter syndrome, or money blocks, I can help you recognize these issues and guide you toward healing. As a Certified Trauma-Informed Somatic Coach, I'll work with you to release the trauma stored in your body and mind, empowering you to run your business with unapologetic confidence and ease.

What we'll do:

  • Uncover the life events and thought patterns that have shaped you.

  • Work on nervous system rewiring and mindset practices to disperse long-held blocks.

  • Understand the different aspects of yourself and why they show up.

  • Make friends with your "protector parts" and recalibrate your nervous system for lasting change.

Clients often report increased productivity, emotional control, and insightful clarity right from the first session!


What to expect:

By understanding and appreciating your nervous system, you'll rewire your relationship with success and wealth. This will enable you to receive abundance without guilt, reduce stress, and make more intuitive decisions. The program includes:

Female Developers
  • Identifying self-sabotaging areas.

  • Dialing down stressors and building confidence.

  • Using emotions for better decision-making.

  • Managing thoughts and beliefs.

  • Releasing shame and inadequacy.

  • Receiving customized subconscious hypnotherapy.

  • Three brainspotting sessions.

  • Expanding your earning capacity.

This program is available at a one-time cost of $1997 or three monthly payments of $670. It includes six one-on-one coaching sessions, three brainspotting sessions, one bespoke hypnotherapy session with a recording, and direct access to me throughout the program. No "discovery call/sales pitch" – I'm transparent about the pricing and here to support your journey.


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