What is Narcissistic Abuse Trauma?

Firstly let's define trauma. Trauma is described in the dictionary as a "deeply distressing or disturbing experience." Traumatic experiences are negative, distressing, and emotionally intense and can undermine a person's ability to cope with every day life, leaving someone feeling helpless, used, violated, vulnerable, powerless, isolated and lonely.

So what is narcissistic abuse trauma? Narcissists inflict intense emotional, mental and psychological trauma on their victims (and often on the family and friends of their victim), and the effects of that abuse causes narcissistic abuse trauma.

The devastating affects of narcissistic abuse trauma occur over time when a person has been living with or spending a significant amount of time with a narcissist. Many of the symptoms are similar to post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) a condition that affects people who have lived through serious trauma (i.e. war) such as:

  • Intrusive or unwanted thoughts

  • Unable to concentrate or focus

  • Flashbacks, where the victim feels like they are reliving a traumatic experience

  • Avoiding places or people associated with the narcissist

  • Feelings of high alert or feeling tired all the time

  • Overwhelm to the nervous system causing dis-regulation

These symptoms are a resul