Are You A People-Pleaser?


Thoughtful, caring, and empathetic people, who read others well, often find themselves doing what ever it takes to make other people happy. Of course it is considered "nice" to be kind, cordial, and friendly, but when we do whatever it takes to please someone else, at the detriment of our own needs, it means we are people-pleasing and it can leave us feeling depressed, stressed and anxious!

Here are a some signs you may be a people-pleaser:

  • You have a difficult time saying "no', or feel guilty when you do say "no."

  • You are very concerned with what other people think of you.

  • You fear people will think you are mean or selfish if you say no or disagree.

  • You find yourself agreeing to things you don’t like or doing things you do not really want to do.

  • You’re always apologizing, and telling people you’re sorry.