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Untying Knots: Navigating Divorce | Healing Trauma Podcast

Join me and Divorce Coach Melissa Hancock on our collaborative podcast, Untying Knots: Navigating Divorce | Healing Trauma 

Telling your story of divorce, separation, marriage, and the traumatic aftermath has always been taboo for many. This is where both guys and dolls , as well as the kids who experienced it, get to share what their journey and experiences have been.

We know what you have been through and are still going through. Our show will help navigate your way with special guests, attorneys, doctors, therapists, child development and co-parenting specialists, codependency coaches, dating coaches and other professionals needed to help you heal from past and present trauma, to take you from surviving to thriving in the future.


Want to be a guest on the podcast? Send us your stories to be featured, ideas , resources or need to know information or reach out to be a guest on the show at:


You are not alone! We've been there and we have your back. Let's untie those knots together!

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