5 Steps to Healing After Leaving a Narcissist

You did it! You made the gutsy move to leave. Now breathe!

You are probably in a fog, not sure what to do next and wondering how you are going to get through this painful time. I know it can be overwhelming, scary, empowering, and relieving all at once. It's perfectly normal to be smiling and feeling so proud of yourself one minute and then crying wondering if you made the right decision in the next minute. Life will feel like you're on the "Emotion Rollercoaster" for a little while.

You are brave and courageous. I know how much strength it took to stand up for yourself and move out. Be proud of your decision. Healing is possible and available to you, and there are a few things you can do to heal more quickly. Is it going to be easy? No. But here are five tips that will help you to heal after being in a toxic relationship:

1. Go No Contact and Set Clear Boundaries

If at all possible, and you don't have to communicate to co-parent, the very best thing you can do for healing is to go no contact or extreme modified contact.

No contact would entail blocking on all social media platforms and ensuring your pages are private and posts are only available to friends, blocking his number on your cell phone, asking friends and relatives not to update you on his life, circumstances and relationships. If physical abuse is involved you may also want to file a Protection From Abuse Order to ensure legally that there is no physical contact. All communication would be done through an attorney.