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 Coaching Programs For Busy Women

Root Cause
Mindset Makeover
for Female Entrepreneurs

As a female entrepreneur, you are a  survivor, with a kick-ass, no nonsense approach to running your business and when you coach with me, you will be able to immediately implement what you learn to up-level your business  in ways you haven't been able to before!


Over this three month program, we will heal your nervous system’s relationship to the most important parts of you and your business, and through these nervous system shifts we create a new paradigm of worthiness and the ability to receive abundance, so you can scale and expand your business in ways that feel harmonious and in flow! 

Through this work, you will be able to work through money blocks, and anchor your future money relationship into your nervous system from a place of relaxation, acceptance and truth, so  you can feel safe to expand your money capacity and have a thriving successful business! 

Self Healing Scholars Monthly Membership

If you are a woman who enjoys self development, and is always looking for a way to up-level, to become the best version of yourself, then the Self Healing Scholars monthly membership is for you!

This is a monthly subscription membership plan designed for self-paced learning, on your terms.

Each month a new self development topic is explored, and is designed for you to access when it's convenient to you.

Work on your personal development at your own speed!

Confusion to Clarity
Online Self-Paced Program

Are you feeling stuck, anxious, or confused and perhaps a little overwhelmed with life, but you're not sure why? Then the Confusion to Clarity Program may be for you.

It is a cost effective way to receive coaching in a do-it-yourself six module self-paced online program.

The one time fee to purchase the program provides immediate, and life time, access to the six modules, enabling you to work through the program at your own pace.

This program also includes a 30 minute one on one private coaching session and contains three recorded guided meditations for regular practice.

Narcissistic Abuse & Financial Abuse Recovery Coaching

Narcissistic Abuse Trauma
Recovery Coaching

Working with a Certified Narcissistic Trauma Informed Coach™ will really help to educate you, so that you can make sense of what happened to you, and start your path to healing from the trauma you've experienced.

  • One on One Personalized Coaching Sessions


  • VIP Intensive Coaching -

       A Transformational Weekend Experience


One on One Personalized Coaching can be experienced over any length of time that feels safe and comfortable to you, choose from either 6 or 12 weeks.


Or if you want faster results and  you're ready to tackle your feelings head on and you would enjoy a respite from your life, you can choose to do an intensive weekend of personalized coaching at a hotel of your choice. 


Your bespoke coaching means you get to choose what timeframe is best for you AND I tailor the exact right coaching plan using the perfect trauma healing modalities for you.

Or, if you prefer a more cost effective way to receive coaching, participate in the N.E.A.R. Program, a six week online group coaching program: 

  •  Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse Recovery (N.E.A.R.) Coaching Program

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Financial Abuse Recovery

If you are currently being financially abused, or are recovering from financial abuse, participating in the F.A.R. Program can help you learn how to take back control of your financial well-being.

You will never have to feel held down financially or controlled again. 

During this three month program, you will have six coaching session
s, where you will learn how to improve your credit score, create a budget, learn how to increase your income, and keep your expenses low; so you can escape and heal from financial abuse. 

  • Financial Abuse Recovery(F.A.R.) Coaching Program

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