Whether you need help making one major life decision, an intensive weekend of transformative coaching, or you need a 12 week long program, we have what you need!

Narcissistic Abuse Trauma
Recovery Coaching


Choose from:

One on One Personalized Coaching Sessions

VIP Intensive Transformation Coaching

6 Module Self-Paced Online Program - Confusion To Clarity

12 Week Group Program -  Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse Recovery (N.E.A.R.) Coaching Program


Confusion to Clarity Programs


One on One Confusion to Clarity Strategy Session

6 module Self-Paced Online Program - Confusion to Clarity

Financial Abuse Recovery Coaching

6 Confidential and individualized financial coaching sessions over 3 months.

Career Coaching Sessions

Choose from:

One 90 minute Career Clarity coaching session

LinkedIn Coaching

 4 week Career Clarity program